Saruman (LOTR Series #6)

Saruman (LOTR Series #6)

Saruman (LOTR #6)

Saruman the White was the first of the order of Istari (wizards), who came to Middle-earth in the Third Age. He also was the leader of the Wizards and of the White Council. His extensive studies of dark magic, however, eventually led him to desire the One Ring and lust for power. Thinking he could gain it for himself, Saruman allied Isengard with Mordor in the War of the Ring.

Artist collaboration between
StarWarsJoshua x Nikolas Ilic

➡️ Limited Edition of 99.
➡️ Includes a special art card.
➡️ 100% embroidery, iron-on backing.
➡️ 5 x 4 inches large.