The Vikings (Series 2)

The Vikings (Series 2)

Series 2 of The Vikings

馃棥 Odin
馃棥 Valkyrie
馃棥 Th贸rbi枚rn the Berserker

Limited Edition - only 50 made.
Includes a special individually numbered art card.
100% embroidery, Velcro hook/loop backing, (4 x 4 inches large)

Protector of warriors, seeker of wisdom and the great magician among gods, Odin carried his spear, Gungnir, and donned a cloak of secrecy while ruling over the pantheon of Aesir. Odin's single, piercing eye was both feared and revered while his other had been sacrificed for wisdom.

A woman warrior, armed with a spear, shield and horse, whose name means "chooser of the slain." Valkyrie decided the fate of warriors who were slain in battle and who would someday be honored to join Odin at Ragnar枚k. It was written "these women shall be called valkyries, sent by Odin to every battle, where they will watch men die and determine who has victory. They shall lead many to Valhalla."

Th贸rbi枚rn the Berserker
Among the most feared warriors of their age, exhibiting rage and fury that carried them through battle, Berserkers wore bear and wolf hides to embody the spirit of the animal. Legend states that, "ber-serkr" (bear shirted one) was a warrior shapeshifter never to be tarnished on the battlefield."